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Legal Services

Our legal document assistant services will be working with our partnership professional attorneys if by law required attorney services. All kinds of trial cases will also be working with our collaboration experienced attorney. We will not give any legal advice which attorney licensed needed, but we always recommended the right attorney who works with us as a partnership with low cost and excellent services. 

 Business Law Services   

*Set Up Business Entity Formation

-Corporations, Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), Partnerships & Sole Proprietorships

*Employment: Independent Contractor Agreements & Commission Agreement

*Capitalization strategy & management

*Founder Agreements
Shareholder Agreements

*Financing Documents

*Equity & Venture Debt


*Private placement memorandums

*Term sheet preparation and negotiation

* Non-Profit Fundraising Plan 

*Technology and Internet Law
Convertible Notes


*SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) Notes

*Filing Form D with the Securities and Exchange 


*Compliance with the state blue sky laws

*Subscription agreements

 LDA Legal Services   

*Business Legal Service - Breach Contract 

-Court Filing 

-Arrangement with attorney trail


*Employment: Independent Contractor Agreements & Commission Agreement

*Capitalization strategy & management

*Founder Agreements
Shareholder Agreements

*Financing Documents

*Equity & Venture Debt


*Private placement memorandums

*Term sheet preparation and negotiation

* Non-Profit Fundraising Plan 

*Technology and Internet Law
Convertible Notes


*SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) Notes

 Contract Law  & Small Claim Court File Services   

*SUM - 100 Summons 

*CIV - 110 Request for Dismissal

*PDL - C - 001 Complaint - Contract

*Request for Trial Setting

*PDL - C - 001(1) Cause of Action Breach of Contract

*DISC - 004 Form


*Interrogatories Limited Civil Cases (Economic Litigation)

*PDL - C - 001(2) Cause of Action Common Counts

*DISC - 001 Form Interrogatories General

*PDL - C - 001(3) Cause of Action Fraud

*SC - 100 Plaintiff’s Claim and ORDER to go to Small Claims Court
*CM - 010 Civil Case Cover Sheet


*SC - 104 Proof of Service (Small Claims)

*CI - 223 Statement of Location

*SC - 120 Defendant’s Claim and ORDER to Go to Small Claim Cout (Small Claims)

*POS - 010 Proof of Service of Summons

 Immigration Law 


*Green Card 



*Immigrant visas

*E2 Visa


* E5 Visa 

*Employment-based visas

*Work permission 

*H-1B Visas/ M-visa

*F-1 Student visas



*Family-based visas

*K-1 Visa 

*Temporary visas

*Deportation defense

*Deportation Trial with Our Attorney

*Business Plan for E2/E5 Visa

* Immigration Consulting 





 Unlawful Detainer - Eviction Court Filing 

*SUM - 130 Summons - Unlawful Detainer - Eviction

*CIV - 100 Request for Entry of Default (Application to Enter Default)

*UD - 100 Complaint - Unlawful Detainer - Eviction

*EJ - 130 Writ of Execution Lease Forms

*PLD - c - 010 Answer - Contract


*UD - 105 Answer - Unlawful Detainer


*Proof of Service by mail


*UD - 150 Request/Counter - Request to Set Case for Trial Unlawful Detainer


*LACIV 109 Civil Case Cover Sheet


*3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit 12 - 1. Notice - 3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit 

*30 Day Notice of Termination of Tenancy

*UD - 100 Complaint - Unlawful Detainer - Eviction


 Immigration Law 


*Family invitation

*Re-entry permit

*Loss of permanent residency re-issuance

*Green Card Renewal


*Financial certificate
Visa center


*Procedures-relocation work
Various immigration services


*Termination of conditional green card


*Juvenile deportation

*Immigration complaint

*Immigration appeal


*Change of address




* Passport Application

*Adjustment of status



 Real Estate Management & Legal Services   

* Writing  & Review Real estate transaction contract 

* Writing Purchase agreement 


* Contract review

* Writing contract

* Eviction Filling Services

*Landlord and tenant law Training 

* Rental Control & Tenant Training 

* Apartment management law Education 

* Construction Eviction for Landlord 

& Tenant


* Eviction Trial with Attorney 

* Commercial Property Contract Review 

* Investments Income Verification with Rent Rolls, and Set up Sheet


* (ROI) Return On Investment For Business 

* (ROI) Return On Investment For Commercial Project  

* Escrow Processing Law

* Probation Court Filling and Respond 

*Will Review 

*Estate Planning Review 

 Bankruptcy Law   

*Debtor Bankruptcy Services  

*Chapter 7 (Liquidation) Bankruptcy Cases

*Chapter 13 (Individual Reorganization) Bankruptcy Cases

*Chapter 11 (Reorganization) Bankruptcy Cases

*General Bankruptcy Services (In All Chapters)

*Bankruptcy Appeals

Creditor Bankruptcy Services 

*Representing CREDITORS in bringing adversary proceedings 


*Keep debts from being discharged in bankruptcy

*Deny Chapter 7 debtors any discharge

* Preparing and Filing proofs of claims for CREDITORS


*Opposing Motions objecting to CREDITOR'S proofs of claim

Bringing an action


*Defending creditors in such adversary


*Proceedings brought in Chapter 11 cases by the Chapter 11 "debtor-in-possession".

*Representing Creditors in Appeals of Bankruptcy Matters to District Court, Bankruptcy Appellate Panel, Court of Appeals, and US Supreme Court

 Small Claim & Personal Injury   

*Small Claims Service


*Prepare file and serve


* Judgment Collections (enforcement of judgments)

*Bank Levies


*Wage Garnishments,


*Abstract of Judgments


*Property Levies


*Asset Searches


*Skip trace Services (personal Information locator)

*Surveillance Services, Video Taping, and Other Do


Personal Injury Claim 

*Motor Vehicle Accidents

*Premises Liability

*Bike Accidents

*Slip & Fall Accidents

Pedestrian Injuries


Animal Bites & Attacks


Airplane Accidents


Wrongful Deaths

 Investment E2/E5 Visa  Services 

*EB2/EB5 VISA Application Processing 

*Busines Plan for EB2/EB5 VISA
*Investment evaluation or EB2/EB5 VISA
*Coaching for EB2/EB5 VISA
*Market researching for EB2/EB5 VISA
*Employment training for EB2/EB5 VISA
*Job Creation consulting for EB2/EB5 VISA
*Basic management education
supports for EB2/EB5 VISA
*Start-up consulting
for EB2/EB5 VISA
*Employment education both owners, and their employees for EB2/EB5 VISA 
*Entrepreneurship for EB2/EB5
*Business education
for EB2/EB5 VISA
*Employment programs early retirement for EB2/EB5 VISA
*Job seeker's employment assistance services
for EB2/EB5 VISA
*New Business owner education services
for EB2/EB5 VISA
*Christian business owner networking workshops for EB2/EB5 VISA
*Women’s business networking workshops for EB2/EB5 VISA
 Real Estate Landlord and Tenant law    

* Lease Contract Review 

* 30 days Notice  


* Aparmtent management Trainng 

* Writing lease Contract

* Eviction Notice 

*Landlord and tenant law Manual Book 

* Rental Control Check Up 

* Apartment managenet law Training 

* Construction Eviction Notice 

* Eviction Trial with Attorney 

* Commercial Property Contract Reveiw 

* Set Up Sheet Reveiw & Investments Income Verification


* Management of (ROI) Return On Investment   

* Escrow Document Review 

* Probation Court Filling Services 

* Review & Writing Will

*Estate Planning Reveiw 

 US Tax Court Legal Services
*Application for waiver 
of the filing fee 
*Final Status Report
*Notice Setting Court Trail  


*Notice of deficiency 

*Answer for IRS appeals

*Tax Court Decision  Docemtn Respond  
* Agreement Settlement 
* Counsel's entry of appearance
*Representative Agreement
*Waiver of claim Against LACBA 
*T.C FORM 2 & 4 
*Letter 531 & 590
*Review From 4549-A
 Family Law 

* Premartial agreement 

* Marriage Contract 

*Postup agreement


*Divorce Court Filling 

* Sermon 

* Respondent

* Property / Real Estate Division

* Discovery / Integrator


* Divorce trial with an attorney 

* Spousal SUpport


* Child Support 


*Child Custody/Visitation 

*Parentage Issues


* Abductions

*International Family Law Issues

*Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

*Trial with Our attorney 

 Inheritance Law 


*Breach of fiduciary duties​

*Trust contests

*Will contests

*Power of Attorney ​

*Removal of a trustee

*Removal a power of attorney, conservator, or guardian​

*Demands for trustee surcharge

*Accounting disputes

*Creditor claims

*Interpretation of trust provisions

*Allegations of incapacity and/or undue influence​

*Recovery of assets and title disputes (i.e., Probate Code Section 850 petitions)

*Disputes of com

*community property or quasi-property rights

*Elder abuse allegations involving financial exploitation and physical abuse

*Mediations, trials, and appeals





 Business & Training  Services 


*Busines plan
*Market researching
*Employment training 
*Job Creation consulting 
*Basic management education
*Start-up consulting
*Employment education both owners, and their employees: 
*Business education
*Employment programs early retirement:
*Job seeker's employment assistance services
*New Business owner education services
*Christian business owner networking workshops
*Women’s business networking workshops
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