Legal Services: Bankruptcy Law & US Tax Court Filing  

Our legal document assistant services will be working with our partnership professional attorneys if by law required attorney services. All kinds of trial cases will also be working with our collaboration experienced attorney. We will not give any legal advice which attorney licensed needed, but we always recommended the right attorney who works with us as a partnership with low cost and excellent services. 

 Bankruptcy Law   

*Debtor Bankruptcy Services  

*Chapter 7 (Liquidation) Bankruptcy Cases

*Chapter 13 (Individual Reorganization) Bankruptcy Cases

*Chapter 11 (Reorganization) Bankruptcy Cases

*General Bankruptcy Services (In All Chapters)

*Bankruptcy Appeals

Creditor Bankruptcy Services 

*Representing CREDITORS in bringing adversary proceedings 


*Keep debts from being discharged in bankruptcy

*Deny Chapter 7 debtors any discharge

* Preparing and Filing proofs of claims for CREDITORS


*Opposing Motions objecting to CREDITOR'S proofs of claim

Bringing an action


*Defending creditors in such adversary


*Proceedings brought in Chapter 11 cases by the Chapter 11 "debtor-in-possession".

*Representing Creditors in Appeals of Bankruptcy Matters to District Court, Bankruptcy Appellate Panel, Court of Appeals, and US Supreme Court

 Small Claim & Personal Injury   

*Small Claims Service


*Prepare file and serve


* Judgment Collections (enforcement of judgments)

*Bank Levies


*Wage Garnishments,


*Abstract of Judgments


*Property Levies


*Asset Searches


*Skip trace Services (personal Information locator)

*Surveillance Services, Video Taping, and Other Do


Personal Injury Claim 

*Motor Vehicle Accidents

*Premises Liability

*Bike Accidents

*Slip & Fall Accidents

Pedestrian Injuries


Animal Bites & Attacks


Airplane Accidents


Wrongful Deaths

 US Tax Court Legal Services
*Application for waiver 
of the filing fee 
*Final Status Report
*Notice Setting Court Trail  


*Notice of deficiency 

*Answer for IRS appeals

*Tax Court Decision  Docemtn Respond  
* Agreement Settlement 
* Counsel's entry of appearance
*Representative Agreement
*Waiver of claim Against LACBA 
*T.C FORM 2 & 4 
*Letter 531 & 590
*Review From 4549-A