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Dr. Sarah Sun Liew,
she is a first-generation immigrant and a political candidate who fulfilled her American dream. She has aided the hardships of immigrants during her service for immigrants as Owner & CEO of her immigrant consult and legal firm since 2013.
She will support new immigrants to open new businesses in District 33 to help economic growth, create new jobs, and be a spokesperson for all immigrants' pain and hardship to make Americans more stable and more substantial.
As an immigration consultant and as an immigrant herself, she is well aware of immigrants' difficulties. After achieving the American Dream, she made it her charge to help other newly arrived Americans take their first steps in our great country by aiding them in their pursuit of better education and business opportunities.
Providing these immigration services has been instrumental in helping her understand the unique challenges immigrants face and are a significant factor in her decision to run for Congress from District 33.

Solution: We will help to fulfill the dream of investing in immigrants, encourage international trade, protect the rights of immigrants, and educate immigrant children.
Dr. Liew has been helping entrepreneurs start their jobs for 24 years. She wants to build the New Immigrants Support Center Program, which provides resolution and assistance for first-year immigrants' problems. It is essential to quickly settle in the United States through language education, cultural education, vocational education, and start-up education to fulfill the dream of children's education and to serve the community. Obtaining every opportunity is truly an American Dream.



Dr. Sarah Sun Liew,

as the CEO of a legal services, real estate investment management firm for more than 20 years, she is well aware of the need to build affordable housing while tackling today's housing market challenges.


She is also aware of the affordable housing market's unique challenges and the eviction of subscribers and landlords. Moreover, she understands the serious social problems that complicate our lives and the practical solutions needed to remedy them.


Throughout her career, she has provided effective legal services for those in need in various fields, including contract law, family law, bankruptcy law, small trials, and regulation compliance. She has decided to use this experience by running for the House of Representatives from District 33.

Solution: As the CEO of a real estate investment and legal service company, as your spokesperson, she will help fight for various real estate and legal issues, immigration and international trade, IT issues, business, and education issues. She will be supporting ethical laws and policies by making the right decision to make America more stable and more substantial.


Her 24 years of experience in the real estate industry will be a great tool to provide programs to build more affordable housing for early retirees' homeless problems and help find employment for older retirees.


Besides, we are committed to providing additional employment opportunities, start-ups, better health benefits, social engagement welfare programs through the church, non-profit, and teaching opportunities in art, math, and science by old retirees.

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