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Campaign: Closer to the United States

Everyone struggles to live a better life, but opportunities don't seem to come easily. That's why we are excited to develop and introduce a program called Closer to the United States / America near Me for people who want to come to the United States.

We live once and always think of visiting the United States once in our lifetime, and we think of many things, such as a country or place with a better environment, a country or place that offers a higher level of education, and a place to invest. It provides more opportunities for investors. I think there are many people who have never been to America even though they want to live. Those who have thought about it but have never been to it, probably don't know America or think they will go there but have no motivation to act.

Many people think of America because it is the land of opportunity. What specific opportunities does America offer?
It is an educational opportunity. Only in Korea country, do parents spare no sacrifice and investment in their children's education. That's why American education provides an education that fully satisfies such parents' wishes.

The second is the opportunity for immigration. It means that if you go through the proper immigration process, anyone can come to the people with equal opportunities and achieve the American dream. This is one of the best opportunities to run your own business and provide your children with a great educational opportunity.

This is a new opportunity for self-development and travel. Even if you don't have specific educational goals or immigration plans, the United States is a country rich in industry and educational resources to help you make important decisions, and even if you visit the United States, you'll find plenty of ideas to make your dreams come true. state only once. You can develop while studying various subjects such as culture, economy, education, and society of your chosen country.

That's why our global investment immigration company has developed a program to help you make the most important decisions in your life by visiting the United States for a short period of time for three purposes within the legally permissible range.

Although I came to the United States for various purposes, it is not enough to feel the culture of the country with my body just by visiting the United States for about a week, rather than a specific program like ours. If it has helped you a lot, we have developed a program to bring you closer to the United States through our program. While living in the United States for more than two months, traveling and staying in the United States, you can experience interest and curiosity about the United States, and take the next step you want. We have prepared this program with a mission to help you design your life.

Immigration is an important, life-changing decision. Moving to a place you've never been to can be a risky decision. Those who have relatives in the United States are fortunate to be able to visit at least once. Most of them haven't done it yet, and there are many people who just think about it because they have to go through complicated immigration procedures even after studying. So, while traveling and living in the United States, we carefully manage our plans as if we were at home, like a relative's house, and develop a program that helps us understand and know the diverse United States better while staying for two months.

If you have decided to visit the U.S. for two months through our camping program, I am sure you have specific things you want to do or clear plans. Perhaps for a specific purpose, such as experiencing the United States in a special short-term residence, experiencing various cultures in the United States, collecting information for children's education, consulting on immigration procedures if you want to immigrate, knowledge about real estate investment and expert connection counseling, etc.

Therefore, direct and indirect additional services are also possible through the cooperation of specialized agencies. In particular, it is possible to provide direct and indirect connection services with professional companies or agencies experts such as immigration law & services consultation, real estate investment, Eb 5 /E2 visa investment immigration program experts available such as a
ttorneys, CPAs, brokers & agents, doctors, financial planners, investment advisors, and more.  
These days, it is possible to arrange connections with experts for questions that require common sense questions and answers and expert advice that may arise in direct experience in the United States.

This Bringing America Closer program provides each applicant with the necessary help to connect them with experts in various secondary services such as immigration, education, real estate investment, etc. Each has a choice. Even if it is not a company we recommend, if you choose to receive counseling voluntarily, you can do it in your free time regardless of our program. We take no responsibility for that.

If a person who has experienced this program for two months continues to consult with a professional counselor connected to each other, we have no relationship with them and do not take legal responsibility. If you choose a program that provides free, fee-for-service consultations over the Internet or in person from a third party or person, there is no relationship with our program. We are only responsible for the direct operation of our program. For additional services provided by us, we are only responsible if we write a written statement stating the cost in a specific service period, and we are not responsible for any lack of a contract without a contract noo responsibility.

Especially these days, many people are thinking of investing in US immigration or immigrant visas for their children's education. This program is great for parents who want to visit at least once to make important decisions important to their child's life and want to stay to know if the educational environment is right for their child. When filling out the application form, if you write down the details you want to receive help from in the US, we will be able to connect you to a specialist or provide you with the service.  If you write it down, we can connect you to a specialist or provide you with the service exactly where we can help  (Linked Calculation Completion)

Those who are thinking of immigrating through work in the United States, investing in a new business, or investing in real estate can also visit the United States and tell the experts what kind of service they would like to receive when filling out the application form so that they can specifically help. If you write it down, we can connect you to a specialist or provide you with the service exactly where we can help. (Link here for details)

Even those who work in a professional field or non-professional field have sufficient experience and funds for the work they are doing by receiving a US immigration or short-term visa, but those who have not had the opportunity to enter the US can also benefit from this program on the global stage. You can have a chance to be active. When you write the application form, if you have a specific plan, write it down so that we can connect you with a specialist or provide you with a service that we can help you with. (For details, link here.)

I think it's a good opportunity for those who have already made decisions about jobs, permanent residency, marriage, immigration, and education in the United States and want to experience what they want to see first. America near me campaign is a program that provides the experience of culture, economy, education, investment, and immigration environment for the purpose of temporarily experiencing the culture, economy, education, investment, and immigration environment of the United States by visiting without a visa.

It is a short-term experience program that provides opportunities to visit the United States and design a better life. Those who came to the United States through our program, such as work that cannot be done when visiting without a visa, must have a student visa, and education or completion of possible education, should not engage in related actions without having a valid visa.
However, for those who have specific plans for investment, immigration, and education in the future, information collection, immigration procedures, and counseling are not illegal, so they are allowed.

For this program, please contact those who are interested in the campaign called Closer to the United States contact us via email and phone 

Our Campaign already Included   

1. Housing service & meal Services with a basic fee of $10000 per person monthly for up to 2 months
-Rural-style new houses available 
   -1 people 1 room
   -2 people 1 room
   -3 people 1 room 
   -4 people 1 room Family unit room
   -House cleaning services in common areas
   -Service that can provide 1
 meal ( buffet ) a day if clients want more than 1 meal per day, may be available at extra cost  

2. Available Services during visits to United America
   - SM support available service through KakaoTalk or phone            

   - Airport drop off and pick up are available with our partner Taxi services company at an extra charge 
   -Weekly, and monthly tour planning through a local tour agency 
   -Weekly worship services available with local churches
   - Schools, businesses, and local areas personal tours are available with an appointment at extra cost.  

3. Professional counseling available with local professionals 
    Attorneys, CPAs, realtors, doctors, financial planners, investment advisors, and more.  


Apply Today

This program is running and available to apply during the campaign open date from Jan /01/2023 to Dec/30/2023.

424-343-7025 & 424-332-3779 

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